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"Empowering people is a blessing and a responsibility."

AT-Tech CEO Janice Bryant Howroyd knows that every day the business world grows more innovative. At the same time, it becomes more crowded, more competitive and more perilous.

She's built AT-Tech into a national leader in technical staffing by maintaining a critical balance, expanding into new markets and new service offerings, while keeping a solid focus on providing clients with the complete end-to-end support that makes it simple to scale a workforce up or down with ease, and bring in key new hires without distracting from everyday business activities.

Equally crucial is the support and empowerment she offers to AT-Tech's valued contractors — as she is fond of saying, “Keeping the humanity in human resources."  Motivated by the supportive environments of her own early years in business, Janice Bryant Howroyd believes people perform best when their personal strengths are developed and challenged. This principle is borne out by the thirty plus years she has successfully captained a nationally respected company.

"It's a core value of how I do business," she says. "It has never been just about making a match to make some money."

"Empowering people is a blessing and a responsibility."

To ensure these values continue to be mainstays for future generations, she and her company contribute on an ongoing basis to educational, entrepreneurship and economic development causes. She says, "Growing a global business is all about doing something good for the world."

The combination of Bryant Howroyd's decades of experience and insight, and her team of diverse, entrepreneurial professionals makes AT-Tech one of the nation's most highly respected and experienced technical staffing companies.

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